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Monday, October 3, 2011

Staff Recruitment Coordinators 2012

Join us in welcoming our 2012 Staff Recruitment Coordinators to the team!

Mike Dietrich

Born and raised in Wausau, WI, Mike has spent 15 summers at Camp Manito-wish. From exploring the bike trails as a wee tike at Family Camp, to co-leading the 2011 Men's Expeditionary Canuck, the North Country clearly holds a special place in Mike's life.

Following his parents footsteps, Mike graduated with a Political Science and History degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. From there, he received his Master's Degree in Environmental Law and Policy at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where he hopes to work in natural resource management and protection.

Aside from simple backcountry livin', Mike strives to follow the seasonal hobbies of legendary canoeist, Bill Mason: paddle the Spring and Summer months, and then play hockey throughout the Winter. A sports fanatic and amateur musician, you can always find Mike looking for good company to have a fun time and share a laugh.

A further note: Mike enjoys portaging, beards, excessive amounts of coffee, and backcountry bread.

Walter Jordan

Walter Jordan is finishing off his fifth year working at Camp Manito-wish. This year he has been the Trips Director, and he enjoyed that quite a bit. He’s led trips with Camp, and has enjoyed these experiences as well.

He has degrees in Linguistics, Political Science, and History of Science from the University of Oklahoma. He enjoyed going to school, and perhaps will get a doctorate.

He was raised in Birnamwood, Wisconsin and liked living there for a while. He enjoys returning to visit his family there to this day.

He has few hobbies, but enjoys reading and canoeing. He laughs when things are offbeat or uniquely juxtaposed.

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