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Monday, February 14, 2011

Manito-wish During the Winter: Facts and Fiction

Recently while visiting places away from camp, I have been fortunate enough to meet-up with members of the broader Manito-wish community. It is always great to catch up and chat about camp but as conversation continues I will inevitably be asked a specific question. “What’s camp like during the winter?”

It is my suspicion that the non-summer months of Manito-wish are somewhat of a mystery, and it is with this in mind that I have created this post: Manito-wish During the Winter: Facts and Fiction.

Fiction: Camp is buried in a winter wonder land from September till May… Camp does get the lake effect snow coming off Lake Superior. This roughly means we get more snow or perspiration from carry-over moisture off of the most Superior of all the lakes.
Facts: Camp is colder and snowier than most places in Wisconsin but, it’s only a few degrees colder than Madison on any given day and the snow up here never slows things down.

Fiction: Camp is Lonely and deserted… Although there are less people, once the snow starts falling there are constantly groups staying in the winterized cabins.
Fact: Camp is quieter, noticeably so, especially if you just finish working summer camp. There just simply isn’t a mountain of kids running around all the time. Picture Disneyland afterhours. That being said, on the weekends camp fills up with groups and families. It feels like we’re constantly running into old friends.

Fiction: Staff Continues to play Wells Fargo through the winter even when it snows… It is far too cold.
Fact: We have played some fun big-group games out on Boulder Lake while sporting our snow shoes and there is great cross country skiing on camp property that everyone up here takes advantage of. All of us tend to stay active be it on the climbing wall or by attentively checking tip-ups in south bay.

Fiction: Boulder Junction shuts down in the winter... Many of the tourist visiting the area come once the snow falls and everyone can come up to play winter sports.
Fact: Camp Manito-wish YMCA and Boulder Junction are great places to be all year round.

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