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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November's Activity of the Month

Leadership Books and Resources

We recently received a copy of a great new book published by Wood n’ Barnes publishing called The Chiji Guidebook by Chris Cavert and Steve Simpson. The book is a reference to activities that can be done with decks of the wonderful Chiji Cards—a processing tool developed by Steve Simpson, Buzz Bocher and Dan Miller. Chiji cards are decks of picture cards that can be used in many ways. This book offers a wide range of ideas that go beyond using the cards as a processing tool. There are introductory activities, initiatives, “Get to know you” activities, awareness activities and many more.

Books like this are great ways to expand your bag of tricks. It is amazing how many wonderful activities can be done with just simple props.

Chiji cards are available at Steve, Buzz and Dan’s website:

The Wood n’ Barnes website is also featuring activities from the book on their website. Look for the “Friday Lessons” page and scroll down to see all the other great activities that they feature every month. The Friday Lessons page is:
Chris Cavert also has a wonderful site that is temporarily down for updates. You can find it and get connected with him at:
Another source for books, information, props, etc. is Michelle Cummings’ website Training Wheels. You can find it at:

Please feel free to pass along any resources you come across as well and, of course, any great new activities you have discovered.
Have fun!

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