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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I support Camp Manito-wish YMCA because ...

In the last year, we’ve asked those making a donation to the Annual Fund Drive to complete this sentence: “I support Camp Manito-wish YMCA because …”

Here are just a few of their answers …

“It changed my life.”

“My experience as a camper and staff member has shaped who I am today, and I hope it continues to do so for others forever.”

“Everyone should be able to have their own Manito-wish experience.”

“You changed my child’s life and I am indebted to Camp Manito-wish!”

“You helped me to experience real teamwork during physically demanding canoe camping trips.”

“It is an awesome place! Magical even!”

“Giving back so other young people can have the same opportunities I had.”

“Its high quality has endured through the third generation of our family.”

“Though I was only there a summer, it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

“Even 45 years after being a camper, I treasure my unforgettable experiences. “

“Camp teaches young people to cherish and protect the environment and learn how to live sustainably in the community.”

“It was a formative experience in our youth. Its values have stayed with us forever as well as the friends we made.”

The staff at Camp have been working to better articulate the Manito-wish experience. Words like humility, empathy, resourcefulness, optimism, adaptability, resilience, and responsibility … phrases like collaborative leadership, character and leadership development, and awareness of self and others … have entered the Camp vocabulary and have become a part of daily life. No matter what words we use, we all know that Manito-wish has made a difference in our own lives and that Camp has the opportunity to develop even more “confident, responsible, and enlightened leaders who will improve the world in which they live.”

The Annual Fund Drive is one opportunity the Manito-wish community has to come together to ensure Camp’s continued success. Donations received through the Fund Drive are used to provide camperships (financial assistance), as well as to ensure the resources are available to hire the best staff, maintain Camp’s facilities , and offer quality programs.

The success of the Fund Drive comes not from one individual giving a major gift to reach our goal, but from the hundreds of donors and volunteers who give of their time, talents and treasure because they believe in Camp Manito-wish YMCA.

“I support Camp Manito-wish YMCA because …” How would YOU complete the sentence?

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