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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Father and Son Weekend Re-cap

Father and Son weekend started out as it usually did with all the father and sons arriving at Camp, unpacking their gear, and getting to know one another in the cabin. The highlight of arrival was getting one of Camp's famous 'carmelita' bars. Dinner was Don’s famous spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, salad and for dessert - brownies ... um, um, good (and yes - more sugar for the boys). After dinner we all gathered around the flickering fire and introduced ourselves. Following introductions, we went over to the Nature Center for a very enlightening presentation on turtles. One of the special things about Father and Son Weekend is that you're always learning new things. To close out the evening we had a traditional Camp sing-along in the Connor Council Ring followed by smores (yes - and a final dose of sugar for the boys that surely would put them to sleep immediately - NOT).

On Saturday the group rose early to a paddle on the lake and to fish. First bell was at 8:00 am. Pancakes and sausage helped start off another beautiful day at Camp. For Father and Son weekend there’s always a schedule of program activities that are led by Camp staff. This year the group participated in archery, trap shooting, crafts (we made walking sticks), and geo-caching. In addition to the scheduled activities there was time for roof ball or throwing around the pig skin.

For the Saturday evening supper, we all attended the 51st Annual Boulder Junction Colorama dinner. This year's event benefitted the local high school class trip to Chicago. A feast of wild game stew and free range chicken was had by all. As is becoming a tradition (purely luck), the father and sons did very well in winning door prizes. The top prize this year was a handy dandy all-in-one floor-cleaning contraption. The boys had fun trying it out in the evening – our cabin floors never looked so good. Following dinner, we engaged in a challenge game of seeing who could drop an egg from a high elevation without it breaking. Some very creative ideas were devised including one where the egg was dropped directly (without any protective padding) into a box. To everyone's surprise the egg did not shatter. One last camp fire and smore treat was followed by fellowship and laughs back in the cabin before everyone retired after a fun filled day.

On Sunday, our last day, everyone enjoyed the Lang Challenge Course, which has become an all-time favorite activity for Father and Son weekend. The group enjoyed the rock wall, catwalk, and zip line. Followed by one of Don’s awesome lunches of meatloaf and all the fixin’s, we shared some final laughs and then headed back home.

For anyone that has not participated in Father and Son weekend, this is a great way to introduce your boys to the Camp environment. This was our 10th Father and Son weekend and every one of them has been special, and full of wonderful memories. The weekend is all about having fun, meeting new people, challenging yourself to try new things, and connecting with your boys in ways that are otherwise not possible back home.

Respectivly submitted by:
Harrison Winkel - Boy's Camp Camper and Tom Winkel - Alum and Volunteer

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