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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reflection from Jennifer Lagos - Communications Coordinator 2010

Every camper at Manito-wish leaves with more than they brought. Whether it’s some fabulous new piece of art, newfound self-confidence or a more optimistic perspective, they all go home a little fuller. I took some time to chat with some of these incredible girls about their camp experience and was amazed by what they came up with on their own.

From the ten-year-olds in Near South to the Far-Northers, they all had great things to say about their experience at Camp. In talking with them I learned, overwhelmingly, that the Trail experience was a very defining part of their time at Manito-wish.

“Trail was my favorite part of camp. Getting to really connect with all the girls and realizing that we’re all going through the same things, I really like that part,” said Joana, Near North Camper. “I learned that having a positive attitude is very important. When you’re on trail and you have someone encouraging you it helps you gain more confidence in yourself.”

“I learned that it’s important to take responsibility and be open with people. Also, when you’re on trail you can feel yourself getting stronger and it becomes easier with every step. It makes me more confident in myself and I know that I can do it again,” said Carli, Far North Camper.

“My favorite part of camp was trail for sure. Everything about backpacking in the Porkies (Porcupine Mountains) was amazing,” said Tricia, Far North Camper.

The friendships made, the skills gained and the lasting memories is what keeps these girls coming back to camp. They learn how to do new things in each program area, but most importantly they learn about themselves.

“I learned at camp that you shouldn’t say you don’t like to do something until you try it because you might really like it,” said Maddie, Near South Camper. “On trail we learned to make no-bake cookies and they were so good. I loved canoeing and sleeping in a tent.”

“My favorite part of camp is my new friends and the whole experience of meeting new people,” said Melanie, Far South Camper. They come from all over, even other countries and it’s cool that we can be friends.”

“I loved sailing. The Program Staff made it really fun. It helped teach me patience, since you can’t always do it right away, but you always have to keep trying,” said Sophia, Far South Camper.

With another successful session under our belts, it’s great for me to reflect on the impact that Manito-wish has on campers. It’s wonderful to watch them grow, learn and build lasting friendships.

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