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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trail Food Cooking Contest

For years, Camp Manito-wish trippers have enjoyed the savory taste of a meal after the hard work of a days paddle or hike. Favorite meals have included trail pizza, gado gado pasta, cheese potato soup, and mexican festival dinner.

This past Friday, a group of 15 Outpost Leaders participated in the 2nd annual Trail Cook-off. The purpose was to stretch the limits of trail food and inspire creativity in future trips. Groups were allowed 30 minutes to develop a recipe and gather ingredients. They were then given 2 hours to create and be ready to serve their meal.

Dishes were judged on taste, consistency, zing, appearance, originality and how clean their dishes were at the end. Bonus points were awarded for use of yeast.
This year included stiff competition with the following dishes:
  • Italian bake with italian yeast bread crust with spaghetti and sauce baked with a mozzerella/pepper jack topping.

  • Trinidad Charlie Calzones with a great dough consistency.

  • Pocket pitas(made from scratch) filled with fried spam, cheese and fried onion with homemade chips and a marinara dipping sauce.

  • Veggie cheese burgers with homemade buns complete with a fried onion on top and homemade catsup.

  • A hearty potato pie with grape nuts topping

  • Fresh yeast bread, Tobouli Salad with hibiscus flowers and Kurry Kick Hummus.

  • Scrumptious banana bread

  • Banana/blueberry cinnamon yeast roll bread

The winner of the 2010 Trail Food Cook-off is Devin Farkas.

Devin, with the creative input of Reed Hollett, created two loaves of yeast bread in a fry bake. For a spread, he created Kurry Kick Hummus and a Tabouli Salad from the Nols Cookery with the addition of Hibiscus Flowers.

The hummus is what put Devin in the victory circle and the recipe is listed below.

Kurry Kick Hummus

1/2 Cup dried hummus powder
2 tsp garlic powder
4 tsp Cayenne powder
6 tsp curry powder

Rehydrate hummus with 1 part olive and 1 part water to desired texture and mix in garlic powder, cayenne powder and curry powder.

Simple ideas turned into incredible trail meals. We hope that where ever you travel, how ever long you are on trail and who ever you are with, you are eating well and enjoying every bite.

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