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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Schuler Family Foundation Program at camp!

It is always a privilege to work with bright, motivated young people who have that incredible spark of life in their eyes and a hunger to learn and grow. The students from the Schuler Family Foundation are fantastic examples of that. We are currently in the middle of the trail experience for the second school (Warren Township in Illinois) and just started the in-camp part of the experience for school number three (Waukegan High School). We will do 5 Schuler programs over the course of this coming summer.

The Schuler Family Foundation was started several years ago by Jack Schuler. His vision was to give opportunities to academically talented students who may not otherwise be able to realize their potential. In particular, his vision was to get these students into elite school, with a focus on small private colleges. Over the years, students who have been part of the program have attended Ivy League and other outstanding institutions, including Brown, Stanford and other similar schools. To make this happen, the Foundation has evolved into an intensive immersion program that gives kids college counseling, experiences abroad and other valuable experiences. It is designed to help students gain life skills and experiences on par with what their future college peers will have. This has proven to be very successful. Students that graduate also receive a $2500 a year scholarship from the Foundation. Many of them will also qualify for extensive scholarships at their respective colleges and universities.

The other part of the program that has evolved is the opening experiences for all incoming scholars, which includes experiential leadership program here at Manito-wish. This program began in the first years as a 5 day in-camp introductory summer program for incoming Freshman, followed the next summer by a 5 day canoe trip and is now a 10 day comprehensive program where students practice all of the skills necessary for success as a Schuler Scholar here at Manito-wish. They spend 5 days in camp with an experience that includes an all day initiative and a full day on our high challenge course. They then pack out for a 3 night canoe trip and after their return they graduate with an ice cream social celebration.

Here are a couple of videos produced by students on their experience here:

Here is a link to the Manito-wish Leadership video. The Schuler program is featured extensively and includes an interview with Jack Schuler.

We are very glad to be a part of this incredible program. I really feel that it is one of Manito-wish’s flag ship programs.

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