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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet the Outpost Administrative Staff

(From the Porcupine Mountains. L to R: Sam, Lauren and Ben)

Hi there, my name is Sam Kruckenberg and this will be my seventh summer on staff at Camp Manito-wish. Nothing beats the warm summer days on Boulder Lake and the excited sounds of campers playing games outside of the Program Office. I’ve worked a whole host of jobs at camp from the Paddle Shack to Canuck Leader, and this year I will be the Outpost Assistant Director/Food Room Director. I recently graduated from Miami University and will be attending UW-Madison in the fall for a GIS certification program.

One of my favorite camp memories comes from last summer while leading the Canuck. My guys and I found a perfect set of rapids on the Foster River where we spent the sunny afternoon eating GORP and surfing the waves. I cannot wait to fill your future memories with GORP too!

Hello, my name is Lauren Duncan. This will be my second year at Camp Manito-wish as an Outpost Assistant Director/ Equipment Room Director. I’m the one in charge of all of the equipment that goes in and out for all Outpost trips. This year I graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York with a degree in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies. I am learning the banjo plus I adore baking and sculpture!

As for my favorite Camp memory… that’s hard to choose. Every good memory that I think of always relates back to the Manito-wish community and how wonderful the people are. As a new staff member last year everyone immediately welcomed me with open arms, and I believe that this was really indicative of how accepting the community is. I love how the staff at Camp is passionate about making a positive influence on the lives of every participant. They all celebrate individuality and encourage creativity in all camp activities and trips.

My name is Ben Creagh, and I will be the Outpost Director this summer. This will be my seventh year on staff at Camp Manito-wish and second as Outpost Director. I worked this winter as one of the Staff Recruitment Coordinators conducting interviews, recruiting staff, and cross country skiing.

One of my Manito-wish moments would have to be watching the moon rise our final night with my Canuck group. That evening, the combination watching the fiery orange moon rise and feeling so comfortable and proud of the previous month spent paddling together sets that night apart from others. This summer, I look forward to providing opportunities like that for our leaders and participants.

We'll all see you down in the Manito-wish Leadership Center this summer!

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