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Monday, May 3, 2010

Any Questions?

Becky Jirikowic (Finance Assistant), Karmen Tornow (Finance Director), Dianna Schuenemann (Registrar) and Beth Rondello (Administrative Assistant) answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive this time of the year from parents getting ready to send their camper's to Manito-wish.

What happens if my camper gets homesick?!
As a parent of campers we can tell you that kids feel homesick at one time or another during their camp experience. Homesickness can be a good thing! It gives our campers an opportunity to travel through uncomfortable feelings with the support of experienced counselors and understanding cabin mates. A huge accomplishment for anyone is dealing with a difficult situation successfully. Do we want our children to feel bad – no way – but we do want them to learn more about themselves and build confidence and that means they will have a few challenges along the way. Parents can help to alleviate homesickness by being encouraging and positive in your letters and avoid telling them how much you miss them.

Understanding your camper's invoice:

Fee Balance - This is your camper’s remaining balance – if previous payment arrangements have been made, please indicate that on the invoice.

Camp Store/Trading Post Deposit - The average amount deposited in a campers bank account is $75 - $100; Items available for purchase through the camp store/Trading Post include: canoe paddles, stamps, stationery, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, souvenirs and personal hygiene products.

Optional items - (detailed information can be found on page 6 of the 2010 Parent Information pamphlet)

Treat Fund - Occasionally “all camp” special events are celebrated with treats such as candy, soda and snacks. Typical donations range from $2 - $5.

Camp-O-Gram - During your camper’s session, you have the option of sending an e-mail to your camper. Camp will print several thousand e-mails each summer – if you would like to contribute to offset the cost of this printing, please do so here.

Campership - Over 150 campers a year are able to attend Manito-wish because of contributions to our Campership program. If you wish, please indicate your tax-deductible contribution on the enclosed invoice.

World Service - When you contribute to the YMCA World Service Campaign you help to fund the life-changing YMCA programs that impact young people and adults worldwide. If you would like to participate in this support, please indicate your tax-deductible contribution here.

Total - Please include one form of payment for the total of all invoice item.

NOTE - Transportation registration and payment is completed on the separate transportation registration form found in the final information packet.

Did you know that campers riding the bus to and from camp consider the bus trip part of the “Manito-wish Experience”? Well they do!
For campers flying into Rhinelander, WI or Central Wisconsin Airport we will have a staff member there to pick you up. We ask that Campers arrive between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. When departing camp we ask that the flight departs between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Flights scheduled outside of these hours require additional trips to the airport and are subject to a $100.00 fee each way, OUCH! Be sure to include your flight itinerary with the Camp transportation registration form. Please find the transportation schedule on page 7 of the parent information booklet.

We’re often asked what the camper to counselor ratio is and what the day in a life of a summer camper looks like.
The LumberJack and LumberJill program is designed for 5th – 7th graders and has a ratio of 4 to 5 age/grade appropriate campers to 2 leaders. This program is a “trail focused” program, which means they arrive at camp, start preparing for their trip, spend the night in camp and leave the next day on trail. They will canoe and camp on various local waterways for 5 days/4nights. Upon arriving back at camp from their trail experience they will clean up their gear, spend the night and go home the next day.
Summer Camp programs for 5th – 10th graders are grouped in cabins by same age/grade. The ratio is 10 campers to 2 counselors. Session lengths are 2 week or 4 week programs (4 week is available for 8th – 10th graders).
When going on trail the cabin group is split into 2 groups of 5 campers with one counselor and one tripping assistant. The other group stays in camp until the 1st group gets back, then the 2nd group goes out the same way. Campers in 5th – 7th grade will all go on a canoe trip on various local waterways; 8th graders have the option to canoe or backpack in the Porcupine Mountains of Northern Michigan; 9th – 10th graders have the option to canoe, backpack in the Porcupine Mountains of Northern Michigan or sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Lake Superior. Backpacking and sea kayaking choices must be made upon registration.
The 4 week session includes advanced collaborative leadership development through work on both our high and low challenge course. Campers in this session will also participate in a service project which will benefit the Camp Manito-wish YMCA community or greater Lakeland area.
While in-camp, campers partake in individual and structured activities at program areas such as horseback riding, trail bikes, nature, sailing, archery, riflery/trap, tennis, arts and crafts, swimming, music and canoeing/kayaking.
“Camp Life” is outlined on our website at & detailed descriptions of our program activities can be found at http://www.manito Send your campers to the Camp Manito-wish YouTube channel for more details highlighted by Jay Creagh, Wilderness Program Director and Karen Stanley, Summer Program Director.

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