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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Grumman Canoe

THE ITEM: The Grumman Canoe is the vehicle of choice for Camp Manito-wish summer camp canoe trips. While the orange stripes set these canoes apart other crafts on the water it is the names of past month long canoe trip leaders that give each canoe a personalized touch. While there are many stories on why they are painted orange, the orange makes the canoes visible to other boats on the water and keeps our trips paddling in style. Campers and staff get to know these canoes on a first name basis based on weight distribution, length and connections to the leader named on the canoe.

Capable of carrying large loads of campers and portage packs.
Connection to past trips and leaders.
The center keel makes paddling straight relatively easy.

The aluminum isn’t as fun to paddle as the wooden canoes at the boat house.
Sound of paddles clinking against the aluminum on calm mornings.

Summer canoe trips on flat water
Learning to paddle

With Spring approaching, I can't wait to see our fleet of orange canoes paddling the lakes and streams of Northern Wisconsin once again.

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