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Monday, March 1, 2010

Camp Manito-wish at the Birkebiener

Congratulations to all the Camp Manito-wish campers, staff and alumni that participated in the 2010 American Birkebiener this past weekend. The Birkie was a great event for Manito-wishers to show the resiliency and humility that comes with physically and mentally challenging ourselves.
The American Birkebiener brought over 8000 skiers together for near perfect race conditions. The following Manito-wishers participated in the Birkie or Korteloppet.

Kortelopet freestyle 23 km finishers

Tim Collins, 1:45.48
Karen Henneghan, 1:40.4
Brian Iltis, 1:11.06
Jessica Timerman, 1:33.57

Kortelopet Classic 23 km finishers

Karen Stanley, 3:57.43
Craig Sweet, 2:13.51

Birkie freestyle 50 Km finishers

Kate Arnold, 3:17.29
Ben Creagh, 2:49.03
Jay Creagh, 2:31.01
Andy Douglass, 3:47.52
Danny Douglass, 3:24.49
Rod Duncan, 2:57.31
Jake Eaton, 3:39.46
Matt Leibfried, 2:44.47
Janice Levy, 3:55.31
Craig Miller, 5:15.41
Rick Monserud, 3:09.17
Sean Moore, 3:41.43
Kyle Nagle, 2:59.49
Aaron Seemann, 3:21.10
Joellen Torresani, 2:40.47
Ryan Wagner, 3:40.02
Andrea Ward, 4:43.38

Birkie 53 km Classic finishers

Brett Dobbs, 7:20.11
Sally Erck, 6:26.49
Patrick Henneghan, 2:54.19
Erik Lindberg, 3:24.40
Karl Smithback, 4:37.18
Brock Woods, 3:59.19

If we have left any Manito-wish campers, staff or alumni off of this list, please email and we will add you to the list.
Stay tuned for official plans for next year's race.

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