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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wood n’ Barnes and other great resources

Most people in the experiential and adventure field know about Wood n’ Barnes. However, just in case this is new name for you, Wood n’ Barnes is a unique publishing company run by a list of partners that are all active teachers and practitioners. This collective partnership includes many great thinkers and practitioners in this field, including Laurie Frank, whose many accomplishments include authorship (along with John Stanley) of the Manito-wish Leadership Manual and the 7 Qualities of a Manito-wish Leader. You can find their web site at:

Another great resource to check out is the blog on this site, which has a ton of great games and activities. Chris Cavert in particular has several great ideas on here. Here is a link to one nice little activity that might be helpful to some:

Chris also has a great website that I have found very helpful over the years. It’s called Fundoing and has a ton of games, ideas and other resources. You can find that at:

I have heard it said many times that, in the experiential education field, there is really nothing new under the sun. We all do a lot of borrowing, adapting, mixing and reconnecting. I know in my own work, I am always looking for new sources for ideas and taking things I have used before and mixing it all together to form something else. We use what works or mold what we have to fit the situation. This is part of what makes this field so exciting. The resources above are great starting points for this journey.

Have fun!


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