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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gear Review - GSI Dutch Oven

The Item: GSI 10" Aluminum Dutch Oven. Weighing in at 3 lb, 10.2 oz and constructed out of cast aluminum, this Dutch Oven evenly transfers heat to make backcountry baking a possibility.

Why I like it: Baking on trail is fun. Core competencies include: fresh bread, cinnammin rolls, casseroles, pizza and popping popcorn.
There is great satisfaction felt upon lifting the lid to see a perfectly brown top to a dutch oven creation (see picture above).

Gripes: The lid handle can melt when fires get out of control. Operational errors that result in less than perfect baking products.

Best uses: Canoe and kayak trips for 6 or less participants (I have seen Western backpacking trips take one as well because they are worth the weight). Any trip where one pot meals just won't cut it. Backcountry bake offs.

With all due respect to the Fry-bake, I swear by the dutch oven. If you're not counting ounces, there is no excuse for leaving out a dutch oven. For all the reflector oven die hards out there, give the Dutch Oven a try, you might be disappointed with your fully cooked meal, but you'll get the same satisfaction out of the process.
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