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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mark's Activity of the Month

I have recently stumbled upon some activities on YouTube that illustrate activities in action. I liked them enough that I sent them out to my core leadership staff (if you did not get it, e-mail me and I will send you the link). This got me exploring some other possibilities on YouTube. I use this as a resource for a lot of other things, but hadn’t thought about searching for activities or activity variations. So…I started looking and found a few good things and thought I would share them.

Keep in mind that, like a lot of other things there, you need to do some sorting to come up with things are usable, but there is some useable information.

Group Juggle is a stock and trade activity that I seen done many ways and framed for a lot of different situations and outcomes. Here is an improvisational theater application that I thought might be helpful. The same person has a ton of other videos as well, all set up as instructional videos on leading improv games:

Here is an interesting variation on “channels” or “Alaskan pipeline” that might work for some groups. This is a great reminder that, in experiential education, it is often essential to work with the resources you have. There is always a way to improvise with other materials, re-frame an old activity, or simply take pieces from a whole bunch of different activities and create something new

The bottom line is that ideas and inspiration can come from a lot of places and the seeds of the best, most successful activity might come from somewhere that you least expect.

I want to leave you with another fun video that Jay first saw at this year’s risk management conference. It’s an awareness activity and, while I have experienced similar real world examples of things like this as part of animal tracking or nature awareness classes, this is a whole new twist using a whole new process. Have fun!

Mark Zanoni

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