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Monday, October 5, 2009

Survey says...

1. Just because your counselor brings very little doesn't mean you should.
2. Two pair of wool socks - one wet - one dry.
3. When going to the bathroom - wear shoes - trust me on that.

The three points above are a response to the Summer Camper survey question of "What top three things did you learn on trail?" We continue to receive survey replies throughout the year, but from what we have received so far, the staff of Camp Manito-wish YMCA provided an outstanding program and life-changing experiences for our campers.

Here are some stats:

4.65: average overall rating of their Manito-wish experience. (1 is poor, 5 is excellent)
4.34: average overall rating of trail
90% rated program areas as above average or excellent.
80% of campers feel they are better at fixing their own mistakes.
76% of campers are sure they want to come back. (19% are pretty sure they do)
The top two words used to describe camp (by campers) are fun & awesome!

What do campers say about staff?

"I had no qualms about going to my counselors for advice, or telling my counselors things that were bothering me. They were both very supportive of my strengths and helped me work to better my weaknesses."

"My counselors are amazing people they helped me a lot. I do hope that I will get to see them again"

"They were really excellent and they helped everyone when they needed it, and let us figure things out for ourselves."

Do you see the theme? YOU were helpful, patient teachers.

Campers aren't the only people we survey. I'm happy to share some comments from our camper parents:

"I was impressed with the comment letter from the counselor."
         (see...we told you parents appreciated the letters! -insert smiley face emoticon here-)

"They were welcoming on arrival day and did a great job of communicating and connecting with both kids and parents. Our son shared that he was taught a lot of things on trail. It sounds like both counselors were both entertaining and supportive. During family weekend we were very impressed with our introduction to camp and responsiveness to our questions. He came away from our visit by stating, "Mom, I'm going to love it here." From a kid who usually is not open with his feelings, that was a good sign"

We'll continue to share comments from the surveys. In addition to providing great feedback for moving forward, many of them are outright entertaining and convey the fun and awesomeness of Camp.

THANK YOU for making these experiences happen for our campers.

O.K....three more things learned on trail. (I'll share more in the weeks to come)

         The top three things I learned on trail were to:
             1) appreciate all that my body can accomplish
             2) to keep a positive attitude
             3) to always respect others for who they are.

Have a great week!


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