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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gear Review - The Classic A-Frame Tent

The Item: Eureka Timberland Outfitter 4. Weighing in at 10 lb and 12 oz, the Timberland Outfitter 4 is a classic design that holds up to years of heavy use. From Camp programs to institutions all around North America, this tent will get you out of the elements.

Why I like it:

Simple, spacious, durable, nostalgia, easy to set up, the ivories and a classic design that hasn't changed much in 20 years.


  • The zippers have attitudes and require patience and care.
  • I have made a sport out of trying to avoid the edges during extended showers.

  • Performs like a sail if the wind shifts after set up.

Best Use:
Canoe trips, outfitters, family tent and Camp Manito-wish.

I have searched for alternatives off and on and have found that nothing beats the durability and functionality of the classic A-frame.

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