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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mark's Activity of the Month

“Rock Star Rock, Paper and Scissors:”
This is a great introductory game/energizer and could be framed (with some work) as a stage setting activity. The activity works best with a large group as there is more energy…and volume. It’s also another great no prop game.

Make sure everyone knows how to play Rock, Paper and Scissors and have everyone find a partner. You may want to play a couple of rounds to make sure everyone gets the count and knows what’s going on.

Basic Rules:
Play a game of Rock, Paper and Scissors with your partner. The loser becomes the biggest and greatest fan of the winner (cheers, shouting, jumping up and down, etc. are all encouraged). The winner finds another winner from the first round (of course with their biggest fan in tow) and they face off. That "loser", and fans of both previous winners now become the biggest fan of that winner. This crew continues on to find another winner, etc. etc. Ultimately there will be two people still left in the game with their respective entourage of monster fans and they face off in the finals. The game is quick and…Loud.

Have fun!

One more thing….
As many of you know, Northfield School of Arts and Technology makes the trek here from Minnesota twice a year in the fall and we just finished a great program with their Freshman. Artech (as it is known) has been coming here for a few years and many past and current Manito-wish staff members have graced its hallowed halls either on staff or as students. Erik Dahlke, Evan Larkin and Nell Holden were all once Artech students who went on to become camp staff. In addition, more then a few Manito-wish staff have gone the other direction and were employed at Artech in one capacity or another, including Sarah Hale (our main camp/Artech connection), Brandt Christopherson, Alex Vitrella, Craig Sweet and Matt Nienow.

For more information on the trip, the school director Simon has a great blog that talks about his experience. You can find it at:

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