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Monday, September 21, 2009

Clear Signs

There are clear signs throughout the year that tell me when to reflect and when to ramp up. The pier is out, the boats are put away, the deer are back. As Labor Day approached and passed, I knew that the summer was coming to a close, but fall meant brand new opportunities for programming.

Looking back on the summer is crucial as we look to start things up again for 2010. I like to look at the facts; of the parents who have responded to our survey, 77% rated their campers experience as excellent. Outpost showed 95% rated there experience as excellent as well. Comments like “Loved and respected the counselors, would like to be like them when she grows up. No greater compliment.” show me that we do great work.

The program directors and I met last week to recap and reflect over the past 4 months and we all agreed that this was the best staff and the best year of programming we have seen. It’s all because of you…thank you. As we prepare for 2010, we will focus on staff retention, recruiting the best new staff, getting as many participants here as possible, and improving our programs.

Are you preparing for 2010? Check out these two guys:

Michael Brandwein
Seth Godin

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