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Monday, May 4, 2009

Report from Manito-wish Spring Board Meeting

Greetings fellow Manito-wishers!

Last weekend Sarah Judkins, Sam Kruckenberg, and Katie Lindahl joined camp’s Board of Directors for the Spring Board Meeting. We brought with us your message of a smooth (and fun!) hiring process, your excitement for the summer, as well as your thoughts on the new four week session, transitioning from school, and your continued interest in making camp green.

Many things were discussed and exciting work is being done at the board level. Camp has developed and adopted a new mission statement. When you read it much of it will seem familiar, but it puts more focus on character and leadership development – a key element of all our work. It also brings in the word challenging, which was felt to be paired well with the word enriching to describe life at Manito-wish. The mission statement now reads as follow:

“To enrich the character and leadership development of each person who has a Manito-wish experience by challenging them to grow in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God and with one another.”

The hiring process is going well. Although we are not quite fully staffed, most key positions are hired and there are plenty of remaining applicants to fill the open spots. Also, as you all know Brandt Christopherson has moved on to a new job with REI in Madison. The Summer Program Director position has not yet been filled, but the full time staff are working hard to hire this position. They are confident, but also know that if they can’t fill the position they will be able to take on the extra workload this summer before casting a broader net for applicants in the fall.

An ad hoc tripping committee has started work to guarantee the availability of great tripping environments for camp. Six new Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sites are being established; four of the locations have been picked while 2 more are in the works. Camp has the ability to influence where these sites are established and is working with the DNR in hopes that they will be in our heavy tripping areas. The committee is also looking at the availability of land in key tripping areas and is looking for ways to acquire more Manito-wish owned sites.

In the realm of property, we can all be excited for new bathrooms in Schwartz this summer! Also, a Map Pavilion is going to be built south of the Manito-wish Leadership Center (MLC) parking lot. It will display maps from all – summer and outpost – tripping areas. A donation has also been made to rebuild Powerhouse Cabin. This project will start in the fall.

Work at the board level continues to restructure board governance. This includes the development of a strategic plan. We are happy to inform you that environmental sustainability is a key part of this strategic plan.

I hope you made it through what turned into a very long email. Please feel free to contact any of us with any concerns or feedback about camp at the board level. Also, we would like to remind you that anyone can get a copy of the meeting minutes, just request them from Anne (!

Enjoy spring and get excited for a great summer at Camp!

-Katie, Sarah, and Sam

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