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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Staff Recruiting 2009

Our college recruiting season has been fun, wild, crazy and fun. Double fun! We've been to Lawrence, La Crosse, Stevens Point, and Northern Michigan University. Along the way, we taught students with rubber chickens (at left) and words (below, right):

We also set up booths like no one's business. At a moment's notice, we could set up a booth almost anywhere, and still have time to give you a thumb's up or a high five.
Record booth set-up time: 1 minute, 34 seconds (unofficial).

We logged many miles getting from college to college, and since we didn't have enough time to bike, we painfully filled up our camp van with gas:

We always wear suits when we pump gas.

We have accomplished a lot during our college visits: recruited quality staff, led fun and educational activities in classrooms, and reconnected with current and former staff at various job fairs. But we couldn't have done these things without the help of our current and former Manito-wish alumni. Thanks to everyone who has helped us make these events successful!

Next up is Northfield (St Olaf and Carleton) February 23 and 24th. After Birkebeiner weekend, it's Back on the road...

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