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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Employee Handbook - Overlooked?

When you were hired on to work for Manito-wish, chances are you were sent a link to our Employee Handbook, asked to read it, and asked to sign a form saying you've read and understand the entire thing.

Now I don't know about you, but when I update my iTunes, or sign up for some online service, a Terms of Service thing pops up. It's usually about a billion pages long, and lets face it, I don't read a word of it. I scroll to the bottom and click "I have read and acknowledge the terms of this service". I then proceed to posting clips of the Daily Show on You Tube and violate everything I just agreed to.

I'm hoping that is not what happened when you were asked to read the employee handbook. When it comes down to it, this lays out the expectations in which keeps our campers safe. It's things you can get fired for, what you're liable for, and the expectations you're held to for your employment here.

The biggest surprises, and granted, the ones I really don't like dealing with, are the situations that pop up where people say, "Wait, that's not fair, I never knew that was an expectation!" Then I proceed to pull out the one page receipt you signed (or your job description) and say, "Really? Because you signed this form saying you've read and understand all of this."

Firstly, I'm going to encourage you all to click the above link, and go back through and re-read this handbook. There is a lot there, but its worth it. Here though (to peak your interest) are a few examples of things you may not have known:

Time off for Seasonal Staff (p. 53): "...Manito-wish will strive to see that each seasonal staff member receives a total of 2 non-consecutive hours off each day. Additionally, seasonal staff members will be off at least 24 hours every 2 weeks, in blocks of not less than 12 consecutive hours. Staff are expected to be in Camp at all times, with the exception of authorized time off..."

Unacceptable Conduct (p. 37): "...Allowing unauthorized persons (including family or friends) to enter the premises, unless prior authorization has been received by management..."

Speaking to the Media (p. 31): "...All inquiries from the media should be referred to the Executive Director. Employees may not speak to the news media, under any circumstances, as an official or unofficial spokesperson of Camp Manito-wish YMCA without receiving prior clearance from the Executive Director..."

Pay Practices (p. 16): "...Manito-wish expressly forbids staff members from accepting tips or gifts from anyone. Participants or anyone offering tips should be encouraged to either contribute to the Campership fund or the YMCA World Service fund..."

Ready to read a little more? After reading your Handbook, please feel free to submit any questions of clarification to your supervisor. We want to make sure we're all on the same page before you begin your employment with us.

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