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Monday, January 26, 2009


This last week Ben, Drew and Brandt headed down to Camp Kern, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio for a week long camping conference. We drove down and I had the luxury of having this view for about 30 hours last week.

(Drew, going down the road feeling good. He's loving the Illinois stretch of the drive)

The MACC (Mid America Camping Conference) was a great experience for us to listen to keynote speakers who have a wealth of knowledge, participate in interest sessions, meet other camp directors, and recharge for the second half of winter. It is a conference where camps from around the mid-west come together, learn new skills, network with peers in the industry, and get motivated for the upcoming camping season.

Personally, I met a lot of people and enjoyed hearing about their experiences at their summer camps. Along the way, I also met some key players at Camp Kern, who normally don't get the credit they should. One of those individuals is Billy the horse.

(We're taking a moment out of our intense one on one conversation to smile for the cameras)

After three full days of at the conference, discussions, and lectures all the participants gathered for the closing session where next year's MACC committee was announced. I'm proud to announce that Drew Richmond has been selected to the 2009 MACC planning committee. Congratulations Drew.

(Here's Drew up on stage with the other committee members. He's the one with the great beard)

Things up here are running smoothly, and the weather forecast shows positive temperatures in the future. yay!

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