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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Modern Times

Camp has gone digital. Out with the old and in with the latest and greatest – phones. We have converted our phone system to a new digital one. The change in phones is mostly internal and has no real outward affect (thought it will require a new training for those on ‘phone duty’). The main line remains the same: (715) 385-2312. HOWEVER, the one change that is significant is that everyone in the office now has an extension. Gone are their old, direct lines. In order to reach someone directly, you will have to dial a new number (715) 385-9270 and then enter the extension of the party with whom you are trying to speak. 

To recap:
Main Number = (715) 385-2312 (unchanged)
Extension Line = (715) 385-9270 (new)

Extensions for the Program Crew:
Brandt = 230
Drew = 233
Jay = 231
Mark = 234
MLC Office = 255

Not just a new system, but new phones as well.

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