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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet Dianna

Get to Know the Year-round Staff Series

Dianna Schuenemann has many long-standing connections to Manito-wish. Her father-in-law, Henry, worked on the property staff at Camp for over 25 years (you can find a picture of him on page 135 of the History Book). One of her childhood friends form Peoria, IL, Cathy Berch, has worked here with the Leadership Program for many years. Cindy Spencer, a member of our current property team, worked with Dianna at Dairymen’s long before each worked here at Camp.

Dianna is our Registrar. Many of you have spoken with her on the phone and have had your OLS registrations processed by Dianna. As registrar, she handles all the participant registration and transportation (convoys) for the entire organization. She is also responsible for the Fall/Winter/Spring contracts and helping to keep our database, iMIS, current and accurate. If it requires ‘signing-up,’ you can bet that Dianna has had a hand in making it go smoothly.

Though she is not a native of Boulder Junction, Dianna has spent the better part of the last thirty years as a Boulder resident. She lives just past Airport Road on Highway M with her husband of 32 years, Helmut. When she was in High School in Peoria, Dianna began coming to Boulder to help the Galloway family manage the Northern Highland Lodge in town and she never left. Prior to coming to Camp, she worked at Jolin’s Marine Center for over twenty years as the office manager. She has two sons, Mark, 23, lives in North Carolina and Grant, 19, who is preparing for a career in the Air Force.

Dianna is beginning her seventh summer with Manito-wish. During her tenure she has provided great leadership and stability with our costumer service and has been instrumental in helping families begin their Manito-wish experiences. Dianna always enjoys speaking with the seasonal staff, so stop by and say hello.

Did you know Dianna's...
  • Favorite HS Subject: any business course
  • Hidden Talent: short order cook (on weekends she whips up breakfasts upon request for her family)
  • Memorable Gift: any new card/memento from her parents (ages 83 and 81)
  • Pet Peeve: calling her Dianne – it is Dianna, with an ‘a’
  • Best Holiday: Christmas, because it is the one time when the whole family gathers from the different parts of the country and she has a lot of good memories from past Christmases

Dianna Schuenemann - Registrar Extraordinarie

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