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Monday, April 28, 2008

Wanted: Music Director

Wanted- someone who can:

· Rally the Dining Hall in song after dinner;
· Organize a Camp Show - or three;
· Lead songs at Chapel;
· Run a program area that gets kids excited about music;
· Play a mean acoustic guitar.

If you know, or have seen this person, please report them immediately to Brandt Christopherson.

You will know this person because you've seen them:

· Playing in coffee shops and venues in your town;
· Constantly asking if you've seen their guitar pick;
· Singing and humming songs during their free time;
· Going everywhere and anywhere to see live music;
· Reminds you a lot of Pete Seeger, or at least The Seeger Sessions, by Bruce Springsteen.

A reward is set for the first person to find a quality Music Director. No foolin'.

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