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Monday, April 14, 2008

More of Mike's Moments

Mike has some more photos and thoughts he wanted to share, we were happy to oblige.

Big signs and big resorts.  You can just see this 
establishment's waterpark  - they would not let me ride, though.

“Being a Wisconsin resident I felt it was my duty to visit the Dells. I was not sure what to expect. What I found was a giant tourist trap/playground. There are tons of shops, chain restaurants and hotels – plenty of ways to separate you from your money. But as I knew from TV commercials, the big draw in the Dells are the waterparks. I tried to go down one of the inter-tube rides (indoor of course, since it was March and the snow was neck deep), but they did not let me because I did not meet the height requirement. There was also some risk that I might not be able to swim, since I was traveling without my arms.  Whatever, I went, I saw, I had an Orange Julius.”

Me, entrance gate E and the steps up to the Green Monster.

“I have always been a sports fan. Form my various vantage points around property I have witnessed numerous games of roofball, Wells Fargo and finger-fencing. All are staples in the Manito-wish sporting culture. I am, however, a bit of a traditionalist. I enjoy the classics as well, those of bocce ball, Tiddlywinks and baseball.

Baseball - America’s past-time, America’s game.  Now, I am not sure I would go so far as to classify any one activity or leisure pursuit as ‘America’s.’ We are a land of many different stripes (or plaids as I prefer). Though, I cannot dispute that we have a long-standing history with baseball.

To understand the passion and mania that can consume fans of the diamond, I went to one of baseball’s Meccas, Fenway Park in Boston. It is neatly tucked into a neighborhood right off the Mass-pike. As you approach, you have no idea that you are anywhere near a ballpark. Unlike the modern stadiums with their acres of parking lots and blacktop, I discovered that Fenway is hidden amongst the urban landscape. I liked that. I poked around and saw the Green Monster, the odd shape of the outfield and all the popcorn vendors counting their money. It had a different and historic feel, for sure. For this sports fan, it was a good visit.”

Nicely tucked into the surrounding neighborhood.

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