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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling Spring

The Program Crew (left-right): 
Jay, Meghan, Brandt, Mark, Drew, Andy, Craig, Mary

Happy Tax Day everyone, from the Program Group! Spring is springing at Manito-wish. It is 57 degrees out, the warmest since October of last year. The snow is melting and some of us are going floating down the Manitowish River later (though we also were XC skiing and snowshoing just yesterday - life in the Northwoods).

Even though it is warm and spring has arrived, we still have snow. Here are some photos taken today of all of us enjoying what we hope is the last of the snow. It is visual proof that we have not been lying about the amount we received this year. It is April 15th and we still have a lot of the white stuff around.  Oh well.

Happy Spring from all of us at Camp. We hope to see all of you soon. Think spring!

So warm that Drew can wear short sleeves.  Also warm enough 
to make snowballs and throw them at an unsuspecting photographer.  

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  1. is drew's hair covered in snow?? or is that... oh - I see. thats unfortunate...


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