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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

727 and 176

Happy April!

There are 28 inches of snow outside my window in the PO. The weather is trying to warm up, but the 10 inches of new snow last night did not help matters. Though summer seems far off, it is approaching quickly and a number of kids and families are eagerly looking forward to the moment when the gates are flung open.

At the end of every week, we look at the figures and data for enrollment in all our programs. As of today, we have 727 Summer campers enrolled and 176 Outpost campers. These numbers put us slightly behind where we were this time last year, but we are ahead of the figures for ’06 and ’05.

727 and 176 - these are the lives over which you will have direct influence. You will be taking these kids on trail, living with them in cabins and tents, and you are the people - the staff - they will remember for years to come.

To put this into perspective, 727 Summer campers translates into 73 full cabins and 176 Outpost participants equates to 36 trip groups. We are doing well, but consider that last year we had 898 Summer campers and 188 in Outpost.

What's this all mean? There are still spots open for campers to come to Camp and have amazing, life changing experiences. If you know of any young people that would benefit from a 'Manito-wish Experience', refer them to Manito-wish. We would be happy to send them recruitment materials or have a phone conversation about our program.

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