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Monday, March 3, 2008

WFR and Passports

Topic #1: WFR

Do you need or wish to take Wilderness First Responder (WFR)?  Well, you are in luck, because we are offering WFR trainings this spring - not all that different from past years, really. There are three offerings this year: two in May and one in March.  Jay says: "All trail staff should be interested in taking WFR because it makes you a better leader. You learn so much about risks and avoiding situations." 

March 8-15
May 11-19
May 21-29

Though it is short notice, you still have the chance to come to Camp this weekend and start your certification. The March course begins on Saturday and there are still a few spaces available. Think about it.

Also, if are planning on attending one of the May courses, get your registration materials in now. Those spaces are always at a premium and you will want to make sure you reserve a spot before they disappear.  Jay says: "They fill every year, so get on it!"


Topic #2: Passports

Just like WFR, if you don't have a passport yet, think about it because they are useful. Also, similar to the WFR, it is critical/necessary for many your jobs this summer.

If you are going to be an Outpost Logistical Assistant, Outpost Leader in Canada, or 21 with a clean driving record make sure you have a valid passport. It is now required that you have a passport in order to cross the border - birth certificates and drivers licenses will not suffice. The Canadians are great people and have a lovely country. However, they have raised the stakes and it is now more rigorous to enter the land of the maple leaf.

Apply today if you do not already possess one. Seriously, do it today. Because of the new restrictions, there is a backlog of passport applications. Do not wait until April or even May. Get started now so that your passport might actually to reach you before this summer. The State Department is your one stop shop for all things passport if you have any questions. Jay says: "If you are thinking about traveling to Canada or a foreign country at any time in the next five years, get a passport now. Though you might not need it today, there will come a time when you will wish you had one."

Aside from the benefits of border entry, a passport can be used as identification for your employment - no need for a social security card and birth certificate, just one form of ID. A definite bonus. Becky says: "Passports are acceptable IDs for your employment eligibility verification."

Finally, Steve Jobs says: "A passport is just like an iPhone, you will not merely want one, you are going to need one." He said it all, I can't beat his words (even if I just attributed them to Mr Jobs without him truly uttering them - I'm not a real journalist, just a blogger).

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