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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shorewood - The Pete and Keith Story



Winter is cold in the Northwoods. Only the burly and the insane spend all day outdoors, and yet, some choose to take on what winter gives. Paul Bunyan and Bill Miller are two such folks. They have each spent numerous evenings sleeping in snow banks and riding ice flows down the Manitowish River. They are able to punch holes through two feet thick ice and catch fish swimming by in a single blow. Their extensive body hair and thick beards keep them warm in the coldest of blizzards. Frost bite? These two bite back at ol’ Jack Frost. They live outside and beat back the winter.

As Paul and Bill best the worst winter has to offer, so too it is with Pete Cable and Keith Miller. Our resident Jacks of All Trades, Pete and Keith tackle winter and all its furry. These two Manito-wishers are part of the property crew and for the last five winters have built most of the new structures across property. Pete and Keith are responsible for the construction of Waldhus, Tall Pines/Eagle Ridge, Birch Lodge, the NN Washhouse, Trips House, among many other projects. They love the cold wind and long nights of winter. Building and pounding nails while the snow flies for these fellas is like finishing a Lollapalooza – no real challenge.

This year is no different. As is their custom, Pete and Keith are undertaking another construction project out in the wilds of the North End. The call came in that a new cabin needed to be built, and these two stood ready with hammers in hand and steel toed boots on foot. (Can that be a phrase – on foot? Not to travel on foot, but to possess/have something on one’s feet?) This year’s challenge is Shorewood cabin.

We all acknowledge that the current Shorewood has some of (if not the) best views of any cabin on property. However, it has two too few beds and is in need of major repairs. And due to it's proximity to the lake, we are restricted by where we can build. Therefore, a brand new Shorewood is being erected by the capable hands of Pete and Keith.

Aside from pouring the concrete footing, these two have built the entire cabin single/double handed. They cleared the sight, placed the ceiling joist, stained and hung the paneling, wired the electrical, constructed the walls, hung the windows, and placed the sheeting. And they are not finished yet; there is still the siding, fireplace, flooring and trim work to be done. Wrapped in Carharts and flannel, they have worked throughout these last cold, dark and snowy months to get the new Shorewood ready and built for this summer.

Next time you see Pete and Keith, tip your hat, shake their hands, or just merely give your thanks to the tireless work they do for the benefit of Manito-wish and our participants. They are truly fine craftsman and individuals.

It is going to look great when they are finished.

These two pictures give you some perspective of where the new Shorewood is located. The cabin is situated just below the Last Resort Cabins on other side of the trail from the Lake.
Above: In the foreground on the right is LR I and in the distance one can make out old Shorewood and North Cabins nestled on the Lake.
Below: A view up the hill toward the new Shorewood placement,
with North Cabin in the foreground on the right.

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