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Friday, March 14, 2008

Meet Beth

Get to Know the Year-round Staff Series

Beth - our new "Front Desk Director"
(everyone at Manito-wish gets to be a director, 
so why not Beth as well)

In an effort for you all to get to know the folks that work here in a year round capacity, we are going to try and provide profiles of these hard working Manito-wishers from time to time.

Perhaps a few you have noticed a new voice on the other end of the line when you phone Camp. That is because Charlyne Perrine retired in January. She was a former school principal that relocated to the Northwoods. In 2001, she started working at Manito-wish as a temporary job. Then 2001 quickly turned into 2008 and Charlyne has decided that she wants to step back and return to her life as a retiree. She will be missed.

With Charlyne’s departure, a search was started to fill her position – hence the new voice on the phones when you call. Beth Rondello was hired to take on Charlyne’s old duties as well as added responsibilities with alumni and board relations. She started in mid-late January and has settled into life at the front desk nicely.

Beth is a local Boulder Junction resident and has been in the Northwoods since 2000. She lives three miles up the road from Camp with her husband and two children. An active member of the Boulder community, Beth has taught dance and has been a substitute at North Lakeland School. She is also member of the Community Church and has spent a number of years helping to run the food pantry there. Her husband, Pete, is similarly involved within the ‘BJ scene’ and is currently the chair of the Boulder Bike Trail Committee which is working on developing/enhancing the bike trail system around town (like the trail running down to Trout Lake).

Prior to coming to Manito-wish, Beth worked at the Marshfield Clinic managing a planning grant geared toward promoting healthy lifestyles for school children. She also worked as an executive assistant in Chicago for a number of years. Though she has been managing offices and grants for some time, she has an extensive background and passion for dance. Beth is long time Wisconsin resident who is originally from Green Bay.

If you see Beth (or speak to her on the phone), introduce yourself and make her feel welcome. She is eager to meet all of you.

Did you know Beth’s…
  • Favorite Dance Move: the Charlie Brown (I was pushing the Roger Rabbit, but it was after her time)
  • Vacation Destinations: Italy, Cancun, Cedarburg, Monches, Bayfield, Fish Creek
  • Hidden Talent: belching
  • Packer Fan: she does not bleed green and gold, though she is from G.B. Growing up she had to deal with all the Packer players and does not have fond memories of how they came into town and carried themselves.
  • Campers: both of her kids will be campers this coming summer. It will be her son’s first experience and her daughter’s third.

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