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Monday, February 25, 2008

Service Profile

In true Camp Manito-wish YMCA fashion, we will “try it, change it, and try it again.” After trying to decide how we could select one individual for a Service Award, we began talking about whether we truly want to pick one individual.

According to a current entry from Wikipedia about characteristics of public service; they may involve outputs that are hard to attribute to specific individual effort and/or hard to measure in terms of key characteristics such as quality. They often require high levels of training and education. They may attract people with a public service ethos who wish to give something to the wider public or community through their work and are prepared to work harder for less pay as a result.

We are not going to have an award but instead focus on highlighting staff in an effort to bring service to the forefront of our program. This will be a Service Profile. We will highlight many staff on this blog in the next few months. Some will be new staff members, some will be returning or former staff members and some will be people who fit the characteristics mentioned above.

Service Profile, Julia Ela

Julia Ela has been a Summer Camper and Outpost Program participant. She worked as a Counselor, Sailing Assistant and spent two summers as a Section Director.

In college, Julia was a part of the Roots and Shoots program that had the goal to facilitate environmental education for middle school children. Roots and Shoots engages and empowers youth with service learning projects. She also volunteered at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. She had an internship with the Pikes Peak Areas Council of Government in Colorado and helped to write an environmental impact assessment of their long term transportation plan. This work helped pave the way for a sustainable future for the Pikes Peak area.

Currently, Julia has an AmeriCorp position with the Nature Conservancy. This is a year of service to the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Corps working on protecting and enhancing State Natural Areas and other important environmental resources around the state. She is the Assistant Land Steward and Volunteer Coordinator. She gets to spend a lot of time working and learning about land management and helping others to do the same. Julia's picture is from a prescribed burn that she was a part of this past fall. If you are in the Madison area and want to get your hands dirty, I’m sure Julia could help you out.

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