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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Staff Benefits

Ever wondered what incentives and benefits are available to seasonal staff?  Here is a list, compiled for your convenience.  Check it out.

Certification & Training Opportunities:

Our Outdoor Leaders School (OLS) is designed to help staff get the training and certifications they need for their jobs. Courses are offered at free and reduced prices for our staff. Many other Camps send their staff to us for the courses we offer.

Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) - We host a number of WMA courses here year-round. These courses include Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) to name a few.

Wilderness Water Safety - This is a three year lifeguard certification recognized by the American Camping Association and can be used in a trail and camp setting.

Staff Instructor Course - This is a 28 day course that combines leadership/skill development and goal setting for work done during the summer. Enrollment for the 2008 course closed on January 15th. Click here for more details.

Pre-Training Trips - OLS Trips are offered in late-May to early-June for staff to come hone their trail skills. Contact Jay for more information.

Other Certifications - If you are employed in a specialty area, for which you need specialty training, like an Archery Instructor Certification or Swift Water Rescue Course, we assist in making that happen as well.

Staff Grants

$5000 in grants were awarded to returning staff in the spring of 2007. Grants are offered to help pay for rent, Camp related trainings, or other needs that may assist staff with their return to Camp. How do you apply? See your Letter of Agreement Packet for instructions. Or, mail a letter to the Staff Grant Committee (addressed to Camp) about your current needs and how you would use a grant. (Grants are awarded to recipients upon completion of their Letter of Agreement responsibilities.)

Staff Travel Grants: We are working on getting additional funding from an outside grant donor ($3000 in 2007) to help pay for flights and gas money to help get staff to Camp.

Staff Recruiting Incentives

Get a viable applicant to complete a staff application, three reference forms, and an interview and you will get the following:

1 lead = $20 to Trading Post
2 leads = Mt. Hardware Vest with Manito-wish logo
3 leads = Mt. Hardware Jacket with Manito-wish logo
4 leads = Mt. Hardware Sleeping Bag
5+ leads = Mt. Hardware Viperline 2 or 3 person tent or equivalent
(Incentives apply to recent seasonal staff only.)


We have professional deals established with numerous outdoor gear companies allowing our staff to purchase gear they can use for their trips at wholesale rates.

Bending Branches – Open to all staff
Mountain Hardware – Open to 4th year staff and beyond
Kokatat – Open to 4th year staff and beyond
Sierra Designs – Open to 4th year staff and beyond

We hope to continue to grow this list as summer nears. Ask Jay about how you can take part in pro-deals.

Pay Scale Incentives

Staff received a pay raise each year the return to their pervious year's position. Staff begin at $189 per week, and go up from there. On average, a pay raise is 3% - 10% annually dependant on job and qualifications.

The Little Things:

Staff Banquet: A night in the summer is set aside to recognize our seasonal staff with prizes, special recognition, great food, and live music.

Staff Plaques: On five year intervals, staff are awarded a plaque in recognition of their service to Camp.

Staff Pins: Staff commemorative pins are given each year to staff honoring their services.

U-Rock Award: At the end of each Summer Camp Session the U-Rock award is presented to staff members that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

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