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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seasonal Staff Retreat

On January 4-6, 34 folks partook in the 3rd annual seasonal staff retreat at Camp.

This, first off, was a blast, but more importantly, a brain trust of individuals who had a lot to offer to Camp in terms of ideas and projects to help make Camp better. After brainstorming many different topics and ideas, we narrowed it down to a select few.

First, the year-round staff had questions to ask the seasonal staff in these four topics:

- Recruiting - How to make our recruiting plan better.

- Job Skills / Networking - How to market one's self in the skills they acquired at Camp.

- Trail Curriculum & Progressions - What should be learned on each level of trial?

- Leadership Program Curriculum and Development - Taking the next step with the Leadership Program.

Second, the seasonal staff topics were narrowed down the top four things they would like to see happen:

- Wilderness Awareness: How do we build a connection between campers and the places in which we travel? Flora, fauna, geology, history, etc.

- Diversifying Camp Community - (1) How do we broaden our range of campers and staff of different backgrounds into Camp? (2) How do we train our staff to teach our kids about the diversity amongst our current campers?

- Going Green - How do we become a green organization? What steps can we begin taking today?

- Staff Friendly Scheduling - How can we make schedule transitions easier on seasonal staff?

We spent much of our time on these topics in small and large groups and left the weekend with notes and plans on how to work towards each of these areas. The next step is to put the next step forward. Year-round and seasonal staff alike will be working together towards these areas over the coming months. If you'd like an in-detail copy of our notes from the weekend please feel free to contact me at any time.

A big thank-you to all who participated this weekend! It was great to see you all. The energy you brought up to Camp for the weekend was a taste of summer for all of us up here.

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