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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jay, Mary & Brandt - Representin'

Above: Jay & Mary play carpetball at Camp Tecumseh YMCA. We need to build one of these!

This week Jay, Mary and myself are at Camp Tecumseh YMCA in Indiana for the Mid America Camp Conference (MACC). This is where YMCA Camp folks gather annually from all across the Mid-West to share secrets, steal ideas, and talk shop. And let me tell you, there are lots of great ideas out there. This is my third year coming to MACC and every year I seem to learn something new. 

This year they have a great line-up of keynote presenters. Thus far we've seen: Jim Cain - an amazing facilitator (raccoon circles); Michael Brandwein - a camp consultant that has a great mind for all things camp and I would love to pick his brain; and Gary Forester - the sole full-time camping specialist for the national Y (when Gary gives you a recommendation, you listen). More folks to speak tomorrow!

We've also had a chance to tour their horse barn, nature center, archery & riflery ranges, and check out their 40 foot wooden indian - a statue of Tacumseh. There are things here I wish we had.  I've exclaimed, "What a great idea!" a number of times these past few days. Camp folks have a ton of great ideas.  While we are here learning from our peers, they are also approaching us and look up to us in regards to our tripping program and alumni network. It's fun being able to brag about all the stuff that you (our staff) are out doing as well.

That's it for tonight. More pictures from the conference tomorrow.

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