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Monday, November 5, 2007

River Mom

Marge Cline, also known as River Mom, passed away from a heart attack last Monday on October 26. River Mom was known nation wide as a one of the top paddling instructors in the country. She used to co-teach our flat water paddling course along with John Connet for a number of years - they were one of my first introductions to Manito-wish.

Her obituary can be found in the Chicago Tribune by clicking here. Our condolences to the family, and hats off to Marge - you were amazing to watch on the water.

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  1. River Mom was preceded in death by her son Michael "River Boy" Cline. Michael was a staff member (boathouse, TA, and counselor) for several years in the mid 90s. Michael seemed to wetfoot all the time. If you were looking for him in Nash you could track his wet, sandy foot prints.

    River Mom first came to camp in 1991 for the inaugral outdoor leaders school that was organized by Lars Stromayer. I remember standing in front of the boathouse as River Mom prepared us to teach paddling to Manito-wish campers.

    Thanks River Mom!


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