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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paul & Pauline Undergo a Well Overdue Makeover

Joan Christgau, mother of Mali Christgau, also the crafts-women who makes all of our plaques, has a new project on her hands: to give Paul and Pauline Bunyan a makeover. 

Paul and Pauline were removed from the walls of Nash prior to construction in hopes they could be saved and put back up this spring. Paul was made in the mid-1940s by Bob Ulrich, and Pauline came later - I know there is a story behind her, but I can't remember it. 

Regardless, the figures were constructed of a particle board type of material - not unlike cardboard - of which, squirrels took their toll on. When they were removed form the walls, they came down in pieces (I won't go into how Pauline's head came off...).

Joan has taken on the task of reconstructing these beloved figures. Here are the first set of pictures she's sent in:

Ol' Pauline - still looking as intimidating as ever. 

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