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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Introducing Winter Elmer Ott Interns

Three folks from our staff community have taken on the task of helping us this winter in planning for summer and running a successful winter. Their main responsibilities will be assisting Drew, Mark, Jay and myself in the following areas:

  • Staff Recruiting and Hiring - For over 296 seasonal staff positions.

  • Winter Programming -Hosting Family Groups and Facilitating Leadership Groups. That's 50 to 200 people at Camp every weekend Christmas to March.

  • Special Projects: Everything from updating the Staff Manual, to repairing gear, to developing better map system in the MLC.

Cr@ig Sweet
Sweet has worn many hats at Camp in the past - from Tripping Assistant to Seasonal Admin for more years than I can count. He held a term and a half as a Seasonal Staff Board Representative, where he was an active member of the Board of Directors representing you our staff. Needless to say - he is knowledgeable in the field of Manito-wish.

He has spent the past three years as a Project Manager at ARTech - otherwise known as the Northfield School of Arts & Technology. He worked closely with students grade six through 12 managing students projects, teaching seminars, and helping track their academic careers.

We placed an "@" in his name as he has a fear of being googled. He would also like you to know that in his spare time, he delights in making tile mosaics, bobbing for apples and assembling Ikea furniture. None of which you can prove or deny. We are glad to have him on board this winter.

Mary Glenn

Last winter and spring Mary worked as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for the Bend Metro Park and Recreation District. From this she brings to Camp the experiences of running and developing programs, managing staff, and working with tight budgets and busy schedules. If this experience weren't enough she has Therapeutic Recreation major and minors in Recreational Management and Psychology from UW LaCrosse.

A third generation Manito-wisher, and eight years of staff experience under her belt, Mary is ready to take on the challenge of the cold northwoods winter.

Andy Roe

President of the Carnivore Club is usually something that may not hold much clout - until you hear what that really entails. This past year Andy Roe was the head of a catering service that catered to thousands of students and the majority of major campus events and Colorado College. More than flipping brats, he also had to manage a tight budget, work closely with event coordinators, and make sure he could still get to class and make hockey practice.

Andy spent six summers as a camper, six as a staff member, and has been stocking up on extra pairs of long johns as he moves back to the Northwoods for the winter.

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