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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Staff Recruiting Incentives

Jay is on this kick that everyone wants to work at Manito-wish - they just don't know it yet. With this in mind we want you to get your friends to apply for 2008. And for that we will buy you stuff.

Here's how it works - get a viable applicant (not some sketchy guy) to complete a staff application, three refence forms, and an interview and you will get the following:

1 lead = $20 to Trading Post
2 leads = Mt. Hardware Vest with Manito-wish logo
3 leads = Mt. Hardware Jacket with Manito-wish logo
4 leads = Mt. Hardwear Sleeping Bag
5+ leads = Mt. Hardware Viperline 2 or 3 person tent or equvilent

Staff Applications can be found at Make sure they put your name down as the recruiter!

Tips and ideas on how to recruit coming soon.

(Incentinves apply to recent seasonal staff only. Your past campers count as 0.5 a person.)

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